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Meet Katherine

Dr. Katherine Blackney has been providing counseling and teaching services since 2001. She helps patients work through a wide variety of issues. Through extensive training and education, Dr. Blackney, specialized in a number of areas. Ultimately, she loves caring for people by meeting them where they are in the midst of life’s pain and suffering. She knows that healing comes through relationships and hopes to offer that through the patient’s therapeutic experience.


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Coming Soon - What Goes Where

What Goes Where: How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex and Other Unmentionable Topics is an immensely practical guide to help you as parents and caretakers, confidently embrace topics you never thought you could in a safe, approachable way that equips your children to be sexually whole beings. After reading this book, you will understand exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it to help your kids be ready.


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