Marriage and Family


Counseling is the most impacting and personal way to cultivate a marriage that flourishes. While marriage is certainly designed to be the most rewarding and intimate relationship, it did not come with a manual. The romantic passion couples have when they are dating often fades quickly when the realities of unmet expectations, extended family differences, children, finances, work and a variety of other things enter the relationship.

What to Expect:

Much like hiring a personal trainer, marriage therapy is like hiring a marriage professional to help you improve your relationship. Building healthy families, including marriage enrichment, parenting skills, healthy sexuality and relational intimacy, will positively impact you and your marriage. Katherine uses a variety of therapeutic techniques that have been shown to be beneficial to growing great marriages. She desires to lead couples in truly knowing each other, abiding in love, and growing individually and as a couple. 



Family counseling can be a great way to help individuals and the family heal. Often in a family system, one person’s situation can impact everyone else. Family therapy may help you identify your family strengths, such as caring for one another, and growth areas, such as difficulty managing conflict. Katherine desires to help you and your family learn new ways to interact and overcome unhealthy patterns of relating to each other so the entire family may achieve a sense of understanding and togetherness. 

What to Expect:

Together we will examine your family's ability to solve problems and express thoughts and emotions. We will explore family roles, rules and behavioral patterns in order to identify issues that contribute to conflict – as well as ways to work through these issues. It is Katherine's hope that the family will be better equipped to cope with the challenges that will arise over time. Where the greatest rifts and harms were once felt, through therapy even greater repair and healing can occur within the family. 



  • Communication

  • Sexual Intimacy

  • Emotional Intimacy

  • Pre-marital Counseling

  • Parenting

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Marriage Enhancement


  • Family Relationships

  • Boundaries

  • Family Conflict

  • Life after Divorce

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