Physician Referrals

Sexual Health

Katherine works alongside and in collaboration with Gynecologists, Urologists, and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists to enhance sexual health and healing for the patients. Katherine strives to provide a relaxed therapeutic environment that encourages authenticity, open dialogue, and creative problem-solving. Sex therapy is conducted in a manner that is both respectful to her patients and consistent with Christian beliefs. Katherine brings compassion and competence to the treatment of a variety of sexual concerns. 

What to Expect:

Katherine prefers to use a teach approach collaborating with other physicians to ensure the best care possible. Katherine's hope is that each person feels seen, understood, important, and capable of making changes as it relates to their sexual health. She desires to come alongside you in this season of your life and be part of your journey. It is Katherine's passion to help individuals discover hope and passion in their lives in an authentic and genuine manner. She desires for individuals to feel enriched, empowered, enhanced, and encouraged to truly reach their full potential.