Our Services

People come to counseling for many reasons; you may have recently experienced a major change in life or you may be dealing with a long-standing psychological or relational issue. Sometimes we feel as if we are on our journey alone or that no one can truly understand us. Regardless of what brings you in, an important part of healing is walking through difficulty with a caring and compassionate person who can offer a different viewpoint about your concern.

With counseling, you can gain long-lasting support that will help you change unhealthy patterns and learn tools to help you manage the challenges you face. Counseling is a strategic way to help people live lives that are in closer alignment with God’s purposes. 

Katherine's hope is that each person feels understood, important, worthy of respect, and capable of making changes. She desires to come alongside you in this season of your life and be part of your journey. It is through difficulties and survival that we develop perseverance, and it is that perseverance that develops the character in our greatest strengths. It is Katherine's passion to help individuals discover hope and passion in their lives in an authentic and genuine manner. She desires for individuals to feel enriched, empowered, enhanced, and encouraged to truly reach their full potential.